I believe that every “external reality” is a mirror for our internal world & our collective beliefs.
I pray these days for healing & inner peace.
This song brings back hope and joy.

Juízo Final – 20:13

ושוב תזרח השמש בעולם / האור יגיע אל הלבבות / הרע עוד יישרף בלהבה / ושוב תהיה נצחית האהבה / זה יום הדין הקרוב / הסיפור של הרע והטוב / תנו לי עיניים לראות / איך הרוע נשרף בלהבות

Why “20:13”?
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O sol há de brilhar mais uma vez / A luz há de chegar aos corações / Do mal será queimada a semente / O amor será eterno novamente / É o juízo final / A história do bem e do mal / Quero ter olhos pra ver / A maldade desaparecer.

(Nelson Cavaquinho / Élcio Soares)

*  *  *

עבורי זה שיר שמתקיים מעבר לגבולות הזמן והמרחב. במלים פשוטות הוא מזכיר את האור והחושך בתוך תוכנו. ואת מה שפורח מעבר לדואליות הזו: אהבה.

For me this song exists beyond time and space limitations. With simple words, it reminds us of the light & darkness within us. And of the quality that blooms beyond this duality: Love.

Why “20:13”?

This is the Mayan Tzolkin Calendar code for the new world. It has 20 waves of 13 days. A sacred geometry which reminds us systematically how to reveal our own purpose in life, and how to transform, as humanity, from “Time is Money” consciousness into “Time is Art”.  This beautiful era of finding the love and the light again on planet earth, had started in the beginning of 2013, exactly when we recorded this album, which consists of 13 songs, cooperating with 20 great artists from Israel and Brazil.

*  *  *